How to Install XUI Panel (XUI.ONE) in 2023 – Step By Step Tutorial

How to Install XUI Panel (XUI.ONE) in 2023 – Step By Step Tutorial

Explore XUI.ONE, the acclaimed paid IPTV panel crafted by GTA. Offering an array of impressive features and heightened security.

Embark on the installation adventure

Although new releases and licenses for XUI.ONE have been discontinued, savvy users have discovered the XUI.ONE crack as the exclusive means of accessing this premier IPTV panel today.

Join us as we navigate the streamlined installation process of XUI.ONE's latest official release on a server equipped with Ubuntu 20.

Step 1: Download Archive & Install - 650.97 MB

After downloading the archive upload it to /root folder of your server and execute the following commands as root.

apt-get update
apt install zip unzip -y; unzip
cd /xuione
chmod +x install; chmod +x

Step 2: Crack


The panel installation wasn't difficult. You can connect now within your panel load balancers to it, and the automatic installation works well.

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The release comes with a tools script to help you repair an installation you no longer have access to or are having issues with.

To execute: /home/xui/tools [OPTION] [ARGUMENTS]

Here are the options:

  • rescue - Create a rescue access code for the admin panel.
  • user - Create a rescue admin user for the admin panel.
  • mysql - Reauthorise load balancers on MySQL.
  • database - Restore blank XUI database.
  • migration [optional: *.sql] - Clear migration database, optionally imports selected SQL file into xui_migrate database.
  • flush - Flush blocked IP database.
  • ports - Regenerate ports from SQL table.
  • access - Regenerate access codes from SQL table.

Leave a comment if you have installation questions.

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